Regulators, Let’s Saddle Up.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist here, back after long absence. I had almost given up on writing this thing – stuff happens, you lose momentum, life swallows you whole and gives you other things to think about – and then one of the pastors at Glide told me she loved the blog. I realized in that moment that part of why I’d stopped writing was that I’d come face to face with the kind of opposition that can take your voice right out of your throat, and without even realizing it I’d hunched over and slouched off, away from the conversation I’d been trying to start.

Of course, many, many other things have been going down. We lost my husband’s father on June 16th, after two months of a violent, rapacious cancer that felled him like a great oak. Thank you to all of our friends, family and communities for the outpouring of love and support, and, yes, prayers. When it was all over we made the decision to move north to Portland, where my family lives and where the job prospects are better for me and the cost of living isn’t so criminally out of control. In the aftermath of death we are turning our sights to new life, to creating a space where we can start a family. Death and birth, birth and death. The same unending song, and we are searching for our small part in it.

So we’ve been in kind of a scarcity economy around here, alternating between roiling industry and deer-in-the-headlights blankness, staring at the wall and wondering what it’s all about. I haven’t been as present at Glide or in the Ensemble as I’d like to be, so these musings on the conversation between belief and non-belief haven’t been right in the foreground quite as much. But I’m ready to be back in the saddle again.

(Speaking of saddles, I spent a utopian 5 days with my own cowboy daddy earlier this month, and we stayed up late and drank too much homemade wine and dug our fingernails under the surface of all kinds of issues, lofty and mundane. It helped to get the creative mojo flowing again, so thanks for that, Big Daddy.)

So, to reiterate and get back to the meat of this project: I am still an atheist, and I still go to church. It’s still a strange thing to do, but not as strange as it sounds to anyone who’s never been to Glide. And I want to have a conversation that is not about debating the basic nature and fabric of reality, that does not devolve into one-upmanship and a deeply lame contest for Guy With The Truest Truth. I want to have a conversation that begins with what we have in common and builds toward what we can do if we work together.

It’s good to be back.

(PS – I will hold in high regard anyone who can identify the late 80’s teen heart-throb movie the title is taken from. And I will also know roughly how old you are.)

One response to this post.

  1. The answer is Young Bloods.

    And know this, three thousand miles away and just a few days ago a conversation was had in wich Glide and you were a topic. And it was good.

    I know I need to go to Oregan…have known for decades…guess you had to move back there and settle in for us to go.

    You know, I thought you were going to focus more on economic regulation then just referring to the criminal economics in the bay.


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